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14th Jan


If you have an older loved one or a relative that requires more care due to health problems or aging than you’re able to give, elderly home care services provide the helping hand you need to make sure that your loved ones receive the additional care ...

25th Nov


For many people who are investigating the options they have available for senior living facilities, it is always worth taking the time and effort to make sure that the facility meets your strictest standards and that you understand what the ...

25th Sep


If you are thinking about making some changes in your lifestyle and you are wondering whether Senior apartments are right for you, here are some of the advantages selecting a senior apartment in Hawaii to call your next home.   Set Housing Expenses ...

21st Sep


When a loved one has been diagnosed with a degenerative disease, the months and years ahead are going to likely be challenging for you and your family. To preserve your loved ones way of life, you will need to decide how to provide the best care and ...

14th Jul


As family members get older and require more assistance in their daily lives, the options can become limited. At a certain point you are faced with helping them move into a Hawaii senior assisted living facility or moving them into your home and taking on ...

9th Jul


Once you get your loved one acclimated to Hawaii senior assisted living and they settle into a regular schedule, it can be important to do something special for them occasionally. As attentive as family members try to be, there is always a certain amount ...

14th May


Depending on what source you are looking at, the average cost of Honolulu senior assisted living is roughly $4,700 per month, or $56,400 annually. Relative to living in New York City, parts of California or one of the ultra-exclusive senior assisted ...

10th May


As we get older, adopting a healthy lifestyle becomes increasingly important for avoiding health complications. This is particularly true for senior citizens, especially seniors who have existing medical issues already.   Small Changes Can Offer ...

21st Apr


If you read our previous post, about properly managing the transition process of a senior from a private home to Honolulu senior assisted living, then hopefully you created a positive transition environment and your senior is looking forward to a new ...

15th Mar


Medications become an important part of keeping our quality of life at optimum levels as we age. The proper administration and storage of medicine is important to treat existing health issues and to prevent additional health problems from occurring. For ...

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