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14th Jul


Moving Your Parents In?

As family members get older and require more assistance in their daily lives, the options can become limited. At a certain point you are faced with helping them move into a Hawaii senior assisted living facility or moving them into your home and taking on the duties of caregiver. If you move them into your home, while your loved one is still relatively healthy, they can actually help with some of the burden around the house.


However, as time goes on and they begin needing more assistance and additional medical care, a large amount of responsibility will quickly come to the forefront. Some households have the right combination of careers, resources and a sense of duty to take on this challenge, while it can be a very difficult struggle for others.


There are many factors to consider when trying deciding which course of action to take. Financial pressures, quality of life, medical care requirements and sustainability are only a few of the important factors. If you are currently faced with this decision or you think you will be faced with this decision in the near future, below are some things that should be near the top of your important items to factor into your final decision.

What Level of Medical Care Is Needed?


It is important to be realistic about the level of medical care your loved one will need, not only today, but also a year or two down the road. Trying to care for a senior with medical needs and not having the proper resources or training is dangerous for them and it will put a huge amount of unnecessary stress on you.


It can be helpful to meet with your doctor to discuss this issue, as their insight on what will be needed to properly care for your loved one can be extremely valuable. Keep in mind, medical conditions can get much worse very quickly when dealing with seniors. Being prepared is vital to your loved one’s safety.


How Much Time Can You Commit?


It can be very easy to overestimate the time you can commit to caring for your loved one on a week in, and week out basis. Caring for someone on a temporary basis is much different from having to do it every day for several years. You will need breaks periodically and you need to think about your own personal goals.


Do You Get Along Easily with Your Loved One?


Trying to “make things work” can be a nightmare when two people who really do not get along are stuck in the same household every single day. Be realistic about what kind of relationship you have with your loved one keep quality of life in mind for your loved one and for yourself.

Is Your Home Conducive to Caring for a Senior Citizen?


It is important for seniors to have a safe environment, which allows them to easily move about without obstacles. Review how your home is designed and determine if it is senior friendly or can be senior friendly with a few adjustments.

What Will the Finances Look Like?

Sit down and actually put numbers on paper to determine how different situations will affect your finances. Dealing with a stressful situation with lots of demands, and then adding financial issues on top can be disastrous. You do not want to dig a hole for yourself or for your loved one. Make a budget and leave plenty of room for unexpected events and additional future costs.


How Do Other Family Members Feel?

Moving your loved one into your home will not only affect you, it will affect everyone in your home. Have a meeting with the other members of the household and allow them to speak their mind honestly. It is always a good idea to take everyone’s feelings and circumstances into consideration before taking any action.

Will Your Loved One Be Happy?

Try to make an honest assessment about how happy your loved one will be living in your home. Even if the situation will be a good fit for you and your family, your loved one might be much happier with a place of their own, in a Hawaii senior assisted living facility. Always keep in mind; the number one goal is to provide a high quality of life and independent living for your loved one.


These situations can be difficult and there are many factors to consider. Allowing a senior to stay close to family has significant advantages, but so does life in a Hawaii senior assisted living community. Be realistic about your capabilities, the amount of time you can commit and always keep quality of life a priority for everyone involved.

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