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25th Nov


Don’t Be Afraid To Ask The Senior Living Management Team Questions

For many people who are investigating the options they have available for senior living facilities, it is always worth taking the time and effort to make sure that the facility meets your strictest standards and that you understand what the responsibilities of the management are.

In the United States, all senior living management staff are required to be certified in the State they are operating in. This certification assures that the management staff has been properly educated and trained to handle the numerous responsibilities and situations that arise in such a living community. If possible, arrange a meeting with a member or the senior living management team to inquire about their experience, skills and the reasons why they feel you should choose their senior living community instead of that of their competitors.

It is also important to have an understanding of the services they provide, so you can avoid surprises later. For instance, if your loved one has a doctor’s appointment that’s scheduled outside of the facility, is transportation to and from the appointment provided? If so, does this incur an extra charge? By knowing whether transportation is included or not, you will be aware of whether you need to have a flexible schedule to account for doctor’s appointments or if you will be charged extra for these services.

Paperwork is another concern for the families of many elderly people who are about to become residents of a senior care center. Paperwork is a necessary component of living in a senior living home. If your loved one is eligible for supplemental insurance, government aid, or Veteran’s assistance, you will want to know what role both you and the senior care living facility have in filling out and submitting these documents to the appropriate agencies that handle them. Again, by being informed of what responsibilities and roles that both you and the healthcare facility have in filling out and filing paperwork, you are taking the proper steps to avoid confusion and misunderstandings later.

There is no doubt that making the decision to move your loved one into a senior living facility is a difficult one to make. You should never be afraid to ask the management team at the Senior care facilities all of the questions that you need to in order to make an informed decision. The more that you know and understand about the facility and the team that manages it, the better!

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