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9th Jul


Small Gifts That Can Make a Big Difference

Once you get your loved one acclimated to Hawaii senior assisted living and they settle into a regular schedule, it can be important to do something special for them occasionally. As attentive as family members try to be, there is always a certain amount of separation that takes place once a senior establishes their new life.


Whether it is due to the distance, convenience factors or just busy schedules, it is hard to replicate spending the same amount of time with your loved one as you did before they made the move. However, a small gift periodically can make a big difference. It can lift their spirits, lets them know you care and it can often lead to new activities or interests.


Great Gift Ideas for Seniors

E-Reader or Tablet

It is no secret that many older folks are not very comfortable with technology; however, if you can get them interested, it can open many options. An E-Reader or a tablet can be a great gift and there are many options that are not expensive. You can pre-load it with your loved one’s favorite reading material and make it easy for them to get started.


There can big payoffs if you can get your senior comfortable with using the device such as using Skype, email and chat services to keep in touch with family. In addition, it opens up a world of games and reading options that will keep them busy for months!


Wireless Headphones

If you can handle a little coordination, finding a pair of wireless headphones that will work with the television, tablet, cell phone and radio, can make an extremely useful gift your senior will love. Headphones can significantly upgrade their entertainment experience and offer convenience.


Electronic Picture Frame with Slideshow

An electronic picture frame already loaded with complete photos of the family is an excellent gift any senior will enjoy. It adds a bit of fun technology, while also delivering something special from the people they love most.


Splurging every now and then, treating your loved one to something special can make a big impact in their everyday life. In fact, if you are smart in how you go about it, you might just open up a completely new world full of fun tools that will keep your loved one and the family just a little closer.

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