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21st Sep


What Are the Advantages of Live in Care for My Loved One?

When a loved one has been diagnosed with a degenerative disease, the months and years ahead are going to likely be challenging for you and your family. To preserve your loved ones way of life, you will need to decide how to provide the best care and protection for them.


In many cases, people decide that live in care is an option that works for them.


Advantages of Choosing a Live in Care Service for a Loved One


Your Loved One Can Remain in Their Home – Many older people who are still living in their family homes are reluctant to want to leave it behind. By bringing a live in care provider, your loved one can continue to live in their home, instead of being forced to move into a retirement home.


Help with Basic Living Needs – Another advantage of having someone provide live in care for your loved one is that there is someone there to help them around the house. If they need help with preparing a hot meal, a live in caregiver is there to safely cook and prepare food. They may also help with basic housekeeping tasks like keeping things tidy, helping with dishes and laundry or helping them with making sure that their bills are paid.


Help with Transportation Needs – When a loved one has been diagnosed with dementia or another type of degenerative disease, generally it is not safe for them to drive. A live in care provider is there to help with any transportation needs your loved one has, whether it be to go to doctor’s appointments, pick up prescriptions, to go visit a friend, attend church services or enjoy some time at the park or go out for lunch.


A Live in Companion – If your loved one is a widow or lives alone, a live in care provider provides them with company so they do not get lonely. They are there to help them if they get confused and calm them down if they get upset. They are there to monitor their health and their condition. If they need emergency medical attention for any reason, they are able to get them to a doctor or call emergency services for a quick response.


As you can see, there are many reasons that a live in care provider can help your loved one and your family, especially in the early stages of the disease. They get to stay in the home that they love, which is of great comfort.

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