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21st Apr


Tips Helping a Senior Begin Their New Life

If you read our previous post, about properly managing the transition process of a senior from a private home to Honolulu senior assisted living, then hopefully you created a positive transition environment and your senior is looking forward to a new chapter in their life.


Helping Your Senior Begin a New Chapter


Approaching the first day in a senior assisted living community with a generally optimistic attitude makes meeting new people and trying new activities much easier. However, even if your senior has a positive attitude, they will still need your ongoing support.


In fact, it is usually a good idea to spend most of your day, for the first few days, with your senior at the assisted living facility. This gives them a friendly face and someone they trust at their side, while they explore and discover life in their new community.


Continue the Old Routine


If your senior is, accustom to starting their mornings in their favorite chair, with a cup of coffee and something to read. Then be sure their favorite chair is waiting for them in the living room, several choices of reading material are on the coffee table and coffee is already brewing when they wake up.


Keeping their routine intact, will help them feel more comfortable in their new home and help them remain optimistic about trying new things.


Prearrange Access to a New Hobby


Chances are good, you know the things your loved one enjoys doing for leisure. Surprise them with a choice of activities they will enjoy and have access already arranged. Try to select options they have not had the opportunity to experience before, keeping them excited with something to look forward to.


Send Deliveries


Sending surprise deliveries to your loved one is a great way to put a smile on their face and give them something to look forward to. Cookies, a great book, DVDs or other small items they enjoy that are not expensive, but make a big difference in their quality of life.


Take Them for Visits to Favorite Places


As often as possible, take them out of the Honolulu senior assisted living facility for an afternoon and visit your favorite burger joint, see a movie or make a trip to the local pub. Frequenting their favorite establishments occasionally, will help them avoid feeling as if they are missing something.

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