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6th May


If you have a family member residing at a Hawaii senior assisted living facility, then you may be aware diabetes is a growing problem among seniors. Senior citizens with type 2 diabetes are at a high risk for developing complications and additional health ...

14th Apr


Having an elderly parent or loved one cared for in a Honolulu senior assisted living facility allows them to receive the assistance they need, while still maintaining a certain level of independence and quality of life. However, one of the challenges many ...

11th Apr


Helping a parent or loved one make the move to a Hawaii senior assisted living facility can be a challenging time. Typically, the move to an assisted living environment comes after many months of consideration, discussion and a gradual increase in the ...

7th Apr


Individuals over 65 years of age and suffering from epilepsy, is now one of the fastest growing health concerns in the US. Unfortunately, epilepsy is sometimes difficult to diagnose in seniors, as they may not experience symptoms or have convulsions the ...

27th Mar


Seniors represent a segment of the population with a wide variety of needs and requirements for levels of care. A healthy 67 year old, may need virtually no assistance or support at all, while a 75 year old may have a combination of health issues and even ...

12th Mar


Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy, better known as G-tube feeding, is a relatively simple and safe process. However, in spite of it being uncomplicated, it is the center of some very complicated moral and legal discussions. This is mainly because ...

9th Feb


Aging adults have an increased risk of aspiration pneumonia because many times they are in a weakened condition due to an existing illness. Aspiration pneumonia happens when a patient breathes in food or vomit, which allows bacteria into the lungs. This ...

7th Feb


Our elderly population is rapidly increasing and with it, the number of Hawaii senior assisted living facilities is increasing as well. While the majority of facilities provide quality care and genuinely care about the well-being of their patients, you ...

5th Feb


Managing diabetes can be a tough job, no matter what your age, but it presents an even bigger challenge when dealing with elderly adults. It is important diabetes be managed on a comprehensive basis where all areas of management are addressed.   ...

15th Nov


Growing older and slowing down is part of life, it will happen to all of us at some point in our lives. Unfortunately, most of us will also get to the point that we have difficulty performing our daily tasks and generally caring for ourselves. This can be ...

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