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15th Nov


Hawaii Senior Assisted Living-Is It Time?

Growing older and slowing down is part of life, it will happen to all of us at some point in our lives. Unfortunately, most of us will also get to the point that we have difficulty performing our daily tasks and generally caring for ourselves. This can be a result of a serious health issue, or simply the body beginning to deteriorate. Not only is it challenging for the individual that is experiencing the health issues, it can also be tough on family members who are responsible for ensuring, most often the parent or grandparent, is cared for.

Daily Living Activities

Once a loved one is unable to perform regular daily tasks such as dressing, bathing, eating and using the bathroom, it is time to make some decisions about how to deal with the situation. Generally speaking, there are two options. The first option is for a family member to step in and become a full time caregiver. The second option is to place the loved one in a Honolulu senior assisted living facility.

The first option brings a whole host of challenges for the person volunteering for the duty. Most people have careers, families, perhaps health problems of their own, training for a new career and a number of other commitments that require their time, energy and money. It is rare for an individual to have a situation where they can simply drop everything and tend full time to the issues of their loved one. Additionally, it is best to be careful when choosing this route, even if you have plenty of time and happy to do it.

When is Professional Medical Care Needed?

As the older family member’s health progressively declines over time, there will be a need for some level of professional, or at least trained, healthcare assistance. Chances are the family member acting as caregiver does not have the skills required for this.

However, if you are considering taking this route, there are two dangers to think about. First, not recognizing a health problem, which allows it to continue and potentially develop into a serious issue. Second, having a medical emergency arise unexpectedly and not having the skills to properly handle the situation.

Is it Time for Honolulu Senior Assisted Living

So, the question is, when do you know it is the right time to consider a Hawaii senior assisted living facility?

There is no clear answer to this question and ultimately it will take making a judgment on just how fast your loved one’s health is declining and how severe the current problems are. However, there are some signals that it may be time to make the move into a Hawaii senior assisted living facility.



Signals it May Be Time to Consider a Hawaii senior assisted living facility:

  • Your loved one is taking an extended amount of time to use the restroom on a consistent basis.
  • The home becomes messy and disorganized and without explanation.
  • You notice there is a lack of food and/or spoiling food that has not been discarded
  • You notice a decline in their personal hygiene and other healthy habits such as taking a walk or riding a bike.
  • Frequent mood swings and changes in personality.
  • Your loved one becomes uncooperative
  • Your loved one becomes secretive, such as losing important items and avoids giving an explanation.
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