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14th Apr


Senior Assisted Living Keeping Your Loved One Involved and Connected

Having an elderly parent or loved one cared for in a Honolulu senior assisted living facility allows them to receive the assistance they need, while still maintaining a certain level of independence and quality of life. However, one of the challenges many families have is staying connected with their loved one and keeping them involved in the family.


Uninvolved and Disconnected


When a family member moves into an assisted living facility, over time, they can become disconnected from the rest of the family. Long commutes, limited availability and a certain level of restriction from participating in family activities are all contributing factors.


The reduced involvement and interaction with family members is very common among seniors who move into assisted living communities. However, there are some things you can do to help your parent or loved one stay involved, and help others stay connected with them as well.


Building Bridges and Staying Connected


It is very easy to promise yourself you will make the 45 minute drive, several times a week, to visit with your loved one at their Honolulu senior assisted living community. However, we all get busy with our everyday lives and it can be easy to start skipping visits on a frequent basis.


There are some tools available, which can help your loved one maintain involvement with close friends and family, if you are willing to spend a little time to help them get set up.




Establishing a Facebook account for your loved one and teaching them how to use it is a great way to keep them up to date and connected. While some older folks are not very tech savvy, Facebook does not require any technical knowledge or computer skills. If you show them how to log in and click a few main areas, they will be able to instant message, view photos and easily connect with others very easily. Facebook will allow them to stay current with others and participate in family events.




Skype is an excellent tool for text chat, voice calls and video calls without complications and technical knowledge. Not only will it allow them to reach out and connect with others across town or in a neighboring city, they can get in touch with family members regardless of location. Skype is a great tool for staying in touch with the grandchildren or other family members that are out of the area.


Skype and Facebook are easy to learn, simple to use and best all they are free, making them ideal solutions. Keeping a loved one in a Honolulu senior assisted living facility connected with others can be easy, if you take the time to get them comfortable with using some new methods of communication.

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