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27th Mar


Senior Assisted Living Tips Staying Aware of Seniors Changing Needs

Seniors represent a segment of the population with a wide variety of needs and requirements for levels of care. A healthy 67 year old, may need virtually no assistance or support at all, while a 75 year old may have a combination of health issues and even considering senior assisted living as an option.


Even if a senior has some health issues, if they have been proactive and vigilant about managing their condition properly, then often times they lead a very active and productive life, with little restriction. However, if you are a family member or close with a senior, it is important to closely monitor their situation.


As time goes by, they will most likely need a bit more help and need to ensure health issues are properly handled. Below are some tips to help you support your loved one and deal with the support they may need.


Begin the Conversation


Sometimes it can be difficult to talk to a senior about the idea of moving them into a Honolulu senior assisted living facility. They may feel threatened and nervous about giving up their independence by moving into an assisted living environment. However, if you start the conversation early and ask small questions to determine how they feel about certain subjects, then it may give you some insight into the best way to approach things. Be a good listener and try not to push a conclusion, let them do most of the talking.


Notice the Small Things


Sometimes the aging process and decline in health can be difficult to recognize, especially if you spend a lot of time around someone. Make sure you pay attention to small details and monitor if your loved one is beginning to have problems completing small tasks or their normal daily routine. Mood changes can be a sign they are not feeling well or experiencing some kind of physical pain.

Try Not to Invade Their Space


It is usually best to at first offer help, if you think your loved one is having a problem completing or managing a task. Try making an offer of completing the task together without being pushy. Many times, they will be much more receptive to an offer of help as opposed to someone trying to tell them what to do.


There will most likely come a time when everyone involved realizes Honolulu senior assisted living is an option that should be seriously considered. However, until that time arrives do your best to support your loved one’s independence and respect their wishes.

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