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11th Apr


Making a Smooth Transition to Senior Assisted Living

Helping a parent or loved one make the move to a Hawaii senior assisted living facility can be a challenging time. Typically, the move to an assisted living environment comes after many months of consideration, discussion and a gradual increase in the need for additional support.


Getting Prepared


During the transition, there will be many things to do and properly managing the process is important to help your loved one begin life at their new residence in a positive manner. If you are, the one handling all of the arrangements, there may be times where trying to keep up with the daily requirements of your own life and trying to manage your loved one’s move to assisted living seems overwhelming.


However, as the person who is primarily responsible for the care of your loved one it is important to remember part of your job is to help your loved one feel confident about the change. Chances are they are feeling nervous about the upcoming transition and unsure of what to expect.


Tips for Managing the Move


  • Start the planning process early and be prepared

Starting the planning process early will remove a large amount of the stress often associated with a move to a Hawaii senior assisted living facility. Starting your plan early and tracking all tasks that need to be addressed in detail, will allow you to manage the moving process without making it a full time job. Being in control and knowing the exact status of everything involved with the transition will help you stay stress-free and support your loved one in a positive way.


  • Discuss and settle sensitive issues early and in a direct manner

Nothing creates more tension and stress than important lingering issues left for the last minute. If there are any sensitive issues or disagreements about how things should be handled, address those issues directly and get them out of the way. Avoiding those topics until the last minute will only add to the uncertainty and stress of the transition.


  • Decorate the new apartment like home

Go the extra mile to make the new residence comfortable and attractive. Use your loved one’s favorite pictures, flowers, rugs, dishes and any little touches that make it feel familiar and comfortable. A few small items that are familiar can have a very positive effect and help your loved one get settled.


Making the final transition to a Hawaii senior assisted living facility does not have to be stressful and full of uncertainty. If you stay organized, make a detailed plan and focus on the needs of your loved one, it will be much easier to make a smooth and stress free move.

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