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29th Dec


Why Medication Management For Seniors Matters

As people get older, it becomes more and more important for them to take care of their health. An important aspect of maintaining optimum health in the elderly is making sure that that they manage their prescription medications properly. For many older people, the biggest challenge is to make sure that they’re taking their prescriptions at the time and in the dosage that’s been recommended by their primary care physician or healthcare specialists.


Tips For Senior Medication Management


Here are some helpful tips for making sure that your loved one’s medication is properly managed.


Fill Weekly or Monthly Pill Boxes Ahead Of Time – These days, pill boxes that are marked with the day of the week or the month are helpful for remembering to take medications on a daily basis. These pill boxes can be filled at with all daily medications, vitamins, or minerals so they can be taken once a day.


Refill Prescriptions Early – Another very critical facet of medication management for seniors is making sure that your loved one doesn’t run out of critical medication. By getting refills before they run out of their medication, you assure that they never run out of needed prescriptions.


Store Properly And Out Of The Reach Of Children – If the prescription medication that your loved one is on contains specific storage instructions, such as “in a cool, dry place” these storage directions should be followed to maintain the integrity and strength of the medication. Further, prescription drugs should always be stored out of the reach of children to assure they are never taken by accident.


Follow The Directions Of The Doctor – In some cases, people might feel justified to stop taking a medication if they start feeling better. Regardless if your loved one is feeling better, they should never stop taking their prescription medication without consulting their doctor first. They prescribe medication precisely to help their patient, so by following their instructions, you are maximizing the benefit of their medical advice and expertise.


Never Mix Medications In One Bottle – To avoid serious medical issues that can be caused by mixing up medications, it is important to never ever store medicines other than what is written on the medicine bottle in it. This is the one certain way to make sure that your loved one never takes the wrong the medication, which helps keep them safe.

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