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12th Nov


What Should You Expect From Hawaii Senior Assisted Living

Growing older and dealing with serious medical issues, such as Alzheimer’s, is unfortunately something all of us will have to deal with eventually. Once an individual reaches a stage where they can no longer manage daily tasks effectively or properly manage medication, it is time to consider making a change. There are many different options available for Hawaii senior assisted living but it can be a little overwhelming trying to determine what facility will be the best choice.

What Should Hawaii Senior Assisted Living Offer?

Before you make a final decision on which facility to choose, for yourself or someone you love, it is important to visit the facility in person. Making a visit to the facility will allow you to inspect the general appearance of the facility as well as a give you a chance to meet the staff. Ensuring the staff members of a Honolulu or Hawaii senior assisted living facility have a generally good attitude, are friendly and appear knowledgeable is a good first step.

Additionally, there are core services every facility should offer to their residents. It will be important to make a detailed list for each potential facility and compare costs. You will also want to make a note if the facility offers additional services or options for an elevated level of care at the same facility. If a medical condition becomes much more severe or a new medical issue arises, it is much more convenient to transfer to a unit that can provide additional care located within the same building, as opposed to moving to an entirely different facility off premises.

Core Services for Honolulu Senior Assisted Living:

  • 24-hour security and access to medical professionals
  • Full Meal Plan
  • Housekeeping Services
  • Laundry
  • Health and Exercise Resources
  • Available Social Activities
  • Transportation Services
  • Medical Services




Checking Licenses and Certifications

Gathering information on services and cost of an assisted living facility is important. However, just as important is making sure the facility is properly licensed and has the appropriate certifications for the services they are offering. Each state regulates the facilities that are located within its borders and will have a way to check licenses.

In Hawaii, the Office of Health Care Assurance administrates licenses and may be a source for some of your research. You can also do a search online to see if any complaints or reviews are present, and check with the Better Business Bureau. A Hawaii senior assisted living facility should offer reasonable costs, comprehensive services and peace of mind your loved one is well cared for.

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