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15th Aug


Tips for Selecting the Best Dementia Care Facility

When you learn that someone you love has been diagnosed with dementia it is truly devastating news. According to the Alzheimer’s Organization, 5.3 million people are living with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. It is the only disease in the top 10 leading causes of death that has no known prevention, cure or way to slow down the progression of the disease.


If your family is faced with the painful decision with putting a loved one into dementia care facilities, here are a few tips to help you decide which Hawaii-based facility is best for your family member:


Evaluate the Facility


Take care to evaluate the condition of the long-term care facility that you are touring. While this is not exactly the same as booking a stay at a 5-star hotel, this will be the place that your loved one will be calling home.


When you look around, are the rooms and public areas clean? Is it easy to see nurses, doctors, and other support staff members? Are the existing residents being tended to? Are they wearing clean clothes? Do they seem relatively happy notwithstanding their health issues?


Be sure to ask the Admissions representative if they have planned activities for residents to help keep them occupied during the day.


Another important question to ask is whether residents have the ability to just walk out of the care facility or the doors are kept locked for the safety of everyone that lives there.


Because dementia is a progressive disease, you might also inquire whether they employ staff members that have specialty training. As the disease progresses, health issues that are commonly associated with dementia includes difficult personalities, difficulties eating, and becoming reclusive.


Location Matters


It is always smart to tour a number of dementia care facilities that are close to your home. By keeping your parent nearby, it makes it more convenient for you to visit or get to the facility in the event of an emergency.


Much better care facility offers residents and their families a nice outdoor area to spend time together outdoors when they visit.


Costs of Care


For many families, the cost of long-term dementia care in Hawaii is a major concern.


Be sure to ask the Admission representative if they honor Medicare, Medicaid, Veteran’s benefits or private insurance to help cover the costs of their facility.


The Admission representative you are meeting with should be able to answer any questions that you have concerning their resident and billing policies.


When you have all of the information you are able to make an informed decision on what care facility is right for your family.

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