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10th Jul


Three Activities for Dementia Patients

When a loved one gets diagnosed with dementia, one of the best things that you can do for them in the early, and middle stages of the disease are to involve them in activities that help stimulate their mind and body.

Here are three activities that caregivers can do with someone who has dementia.

Enjoy Time Outdoors – There is no doubt that fresh air and sunshine always do a body good. An adventure outdoors could be something as simple as spending some time in a fragrant garden or something more elaborate like planning a day at the beach, a picnic, or a trip to a local attraction or landmark. All of these outdoor activities help stimulate the individual who is under care, improving the overall quality of their life.

Read To Them – Everyone loves to hear a good story! If you don’t have an interesting story or two of your own to tell, reading a book is always an ideal way to stimulate the imagination of someone who has dementia. If you aren’t sure of what kind of stories that the person you’re caring for enjoys, you can always ask them what book genre they enjoy the most. The best part is that you don’t even need to buy them if you don’t own any that fall under their preferences. All you need to do is visit your local library (which is another excellent outing for the person you’re caring for) and borrow a book that suits their tastes.

Work on a Jigsaw Puzzle – There is no better way to spend some time than putting together a jigsaw puzzle with the person who is under your care. Jigsaw puzzles are perfect for activating the problem-solving part of the mind. It is probably a good idea to work with a puzzle that features fewer and larger puzzle pieces, so they can successfully put the puzzle together and feel a sense of accomplishment once they are finished putting it together. You might also consider gluing the puzzle together once it’s assembled for a secondary project that can be framed and hung in their room or given away as a gift to a friend or relative.

Dementia is a progressive disease, so the early and middle stages are the times when you’ll have the best chances of enjoying simple activities like the ones listed above.

If you need help caring for a loved one in Hawaii who has dementia, Contact us today to speak with a representative about the variety of services we provide to improve the quality of life of your loved one.

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