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30th May


Spring Cleaning Ideas to Help Seniors Stay Safe

If you are caring for a senior who is getting close to seriously considering Honolulu senior assisted living, but still living on their own, it is important to make sure their living environment is safe. Spring-cleaning is a perfect excuse to tidy things up and ensure any potential dangers are not overlooked. Here are a few tips to help you keep your loved one’s living area as safe as possible.


Get Rid of Clutter


Many accidents and falls resulting in broken bones or significant injuries for seniors are due to clutter. It can be easy to overlook items we get accustomed to seeing every day without realizing they actually present a risk. Make sure all living areas are free of clutter and have clear pathways.


Clear the Medicine Cabinet of Old Medication


It is not hard to forget old medicine lurking in the back of the medicine cabinet. Many times seniors use certain medications temporarily, while recovering from an injury or due to a change in their health. Seniors can get confused and taking the wrong medication, especially old medication, can be very dangerous. Make sure the only medicine in the cabinet is current and correct.


Refrigerator and Food Products


Food that is obviously rotten is hopefully thrown out on a regular basis. However, now is a good time to check expiration dates and any food in the freezer that has freezer burn or past its use by date.


Safety Precautions


Check smoke detectors and make sure they have a fresh set of batteries. It is important to actually run a test and verify the alarm function is working. Several fire extinguishers should be available in strategic locations throughout the living space as well.


Emergency Contacts


When is the last time the emergency contact list was updated? Does your loved one know who to call if there is an emergency? There is no better time to double check the numbers on the contact list making sure they are current and remind your loved one of the proper procedures.


Keeping a senior’s living area clean and free from clutter can go a long way in avoiding accidents and falls. In a private home or Honolulu senior assisted living, it doesn’t take much for small issues to build over time if they are not periodically checked. Take the opportunity of spring arriving to ensure your loved one is in a safe environment with a minimum chance of an accident.

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