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13th May


Senior Citizen Volunteers Are In High Demand

One of the things people look forward to the most at retirement is being able to spend their time however they want. For today’s recent retirees, the vision of retirement is very different. Leading an active life is critical to maintaining a healthier lifestyle. By physiology, human beings function best when they are productive.
Volunteering Is A Worthy Pastime

For many retirees, Volunteering is an ideal way to socialize and help others in the community where they live. Both Nonprofit and Community Service Organizations offer volunteers of all ages a way to get involved. These opportunities help keep seniors connected with others while doing something useful.

Retirees who have a background in teaching can help with tutoring local students who are struggling or need an extra hand with their school lessons. Further, they may find volunteer opportunities at the local library, youth or senior center, or other outreach services that serve the community as a whole. Places where tutoring volunteers are in high-demand include local schools, at the library, and at the community college.

For retirees that are active in their church communities, there is nearly always volunteer help needed at church fundraisers and other church-sponsored events. Not only do volunteers feel a sense of faith, but they also get a fellowship from their activities.

Retirees who enjoy working outdoors and are interested in working with nature are well served to check with local outdoor park and recreation departments to inquire if there are volunteer opportunities available. The park and recreation department may have seasonal needs for planting and tending gardens or help with landscape maintenance. Other possibilities might include helping out with charity events scheduled at the location including marathons, fun runs, outdoor fairs, and festivals, or helping out with guided tours.

Stay Busy – Stay Focused

It’s always important to feel needed by family, friends, and associates. When you’re retired, you have the ability to give your time away freely to the people and things that matter most to you. When you participate in activities that you enjoy, you’ll gain a better sense of self, as well as a higher reason for living. If you’ve got the time, volunteering is the best way to strengthen your ties with the people in your community while providing an excellent service to others.

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