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18th Jul


Nursing Home Jobs Are Rewarding and Challenging

There is no doubt that anyone that is pursuing their career in healthcare support, nursing or medical care will have very little troubles securing a position in their field. In the last few years, the demand for high-quality health care providers has witnessed an explosion in growth, especially as “Baby Boomers” have started to hit retirement age and they face more health issues associated with getting older.


Nursing Home Jobs That Do Not Require a Degree


If you want to get hired in a nursing home environment, but you do not hold a degree in nursing, you can still find employment opportunities in long-term care facilities. Job positions that do not require applicants to hold a degree include Medical Assistants, Nursing Assistants, and Food Service Staff Members.


Duties that are involved with being a Medical Assistant include answering phone calls, greeting guests, filing the necessary paperwork, communicating with doctors, nursing staff and families of patients, scheduling appointments and hospital admissions. Other duties medical assistants may help with include helping with routine health checks like taking patient’s blood pressure, checking in on patient’s well-being, and getting patients ready for medical exams.


Nursing Assistant jobs require more of a “hands-on” approach with patients. People working in this position help with indirect care like helping patients get around the facility, performing basic cleaning duties, checking in on patients and reporting any visible changes in their condition to the nursing staff or doctor on staff, managing supplies and assisting with some common medical procedures.


Food service staff workers are not directly tied into providing direct care for patients. Instead, it is their job to prepare meals and snacks for the residents of the care facility they work for. If you enjoy working in a kitchen or food service environment and want your work to benefit people in need, you can almost always find a job opening in a nursing home.


Skilled Nursing Home Positions


If you are willing to invest in your education, skilled healthcare workers are always in demand.


To keep things operating smoothly, nursing homes are always searching for talented and skilled nursing and medical staff to provide care to patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses are responsible for providing a higher level of skilled care, including administering medications, performing preliminary examinations, taking and recording vital signs, taking care of wounds, and interpreting patient records on the next course of action.


As you can imagine, there is a lot of promise for people who want to a nursing home job, regardless of whether you hold a degree in the medical field or not.


If you are hoping to pursue a degree in the healthcare field, some nursing homes, and long-term care facilities may even help pay for your education, which can qualify you for better opportunities within their Organization. To see if this is available to you, be sure to ask the Human Resources Department manager for details on their programs.

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