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8th Jun


Keeping Seniors Active Provides Significant Benefits

Everyone knows regular exercise offers a variety of benefits regardless of age. However, staying active for seniors is particularly important, as it can have dramatic positive effects on all areas of their daily life. Making the adjustment into a Hawaii senior assisted living environment can be difficult for some seniors. Sometimes a senior may shy away from social interaction and have problems with depression. Exercise and an active lifestyle can be a path towards solving many of the issues seniors battle.


You might be surprised just how significant exercise can be in a senior’s life. It not only helps maintain their health, it offers many other benefits as well.


Benefits of Staying Active for Seniors


Increases Social Interaction


Exercising is a social event at most Hawaii senior assisted living facilities. All residents use the same common area in order to utilize equipment and quite often exercising is done in group settings with everyone working together. This naturally invites social interaction and almost makes it impossible to avoid.


If your senior is feeling depressed or lonely, they will most likely forget their worries and begin to concentrate on the task at hand. Even more important, they will likely begin to enjoy themselves and start looking forward to the group exercise events.


Stimulates Positive Mood


Exercise and physical activity release chemicals in the brain, which are natural mood enhancers. These chemicals can help fight off feelings of depression and naturally stimulate positive feelings.


Improves Mental Awareness and Capacity


A slowdown in physical activity has a direct effect on mental capacity. Increasing physical activity stimulates the brain and has a positive effect on awareness and mental capacity. Staying alert and having a desire to maintain mental capacity is a big part of the challenges seniors face.


Decreases Healing Time


Exercise speeds up body functions and reduces healing time. A senior who regularly exercises can heal as much as twenty-five percent faster than a senior who does not. This can be an important defense against minor wounds and falls seniors are sometimes likely to experience.



Hawaii senior assisted living facilities offer tremendous support and an excellent quality of life for seniors. However, sometimes it takes the encouragement of a trusted family member to get them involved and to help move them past their initial apprehension. Encouraging your senior to stay active and participate in regular exercise is one of the most important things you can do.

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