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13th Mar


Hypertension Basics for Seniors

Blood Pressure-What Is It?


The measurement of force on the walls of your blood vessels by the blood being pumped throughout your body is known as your blood pressure. If this elevates, and remains elevated for long periods, then it is called high blood pressure or hypertension. This can create a long list of problems if it is not properly treated. Hypertension makes the heart work extremely hard and the pressure can cause problems with your kidneys, eyes and many other vital organs.


Hypertension and High Blood Pressure


Hypertension affects a large group of people in America and is particularly dangerous for seniors who are typically dealing with a combination of other health issues. Perhaps one of the most troubling issues of hypertension is it has no obvious symptoms, which is why many times people call it the “silent killer.”


Headaches or general feeling of being tired may be present, but many times those are symptoms are not serious enough for a visit to the doctor. Therefore, the condition goes untreated. This is what makes it particularly dangerous for anyone experiencing hypertension and especially seniors. Most often, people find out they have hypertension when they develop problems with their eyes or even their heart. However, by this time sometimes, the damage is done so to speak, and now they have an entirely new set of health issues to battle.


Hypertension Effects


Hypertension causes the heart to work too hard and can lead to the heart becoming enlarged and weak; this can lead to heart failure. Additionally, problems with your arteries can cause multiple issues with your brain and extremities as well as putting your spleen, kidneys and intestines at risk.


Reguhaar Checkups


Even if your loved one is in a Honolulu senior assisted living facility, it is important to make sure they have regular checkups for conditions like hypertension. Many illnesses and health issues with seniors come from health problems that have little or no symptoms and they have a compounding effect on existing health problems.


Typically, it is a good idea to set a schedule of checkups to be done on a regular basis regardless if your loved one seems okay or not. Every now and then, a fresh perspective and pair of eyes is all that is needed to uncover an issue that can be avoided if treated before it becomes a major problem.

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