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19th Jun


How In-Home Care in Hawaii Helps Those With Disabilities

When you or someone you love is entirely or partially disabled, even the most basic tasks in life aren’t quite so simple.  Individuals who are ill-prepared to deal with the challenges that a physical disability presents.


In-Home Disability Care is something that is available to all people who live in Hawaii and could benefit from the help of a trained professional who knows how to help with tasks associated with the care of someone who is permanently or temporarily disabled.


Personal Care – For individuals who have lost part of their mobility, adjustments must be made to make personal care tasks more manageable.  By hiring on an In-Home Disability caretaker, you are taking steps to assure that you or your loved one gets treated with compassion and respect when they need assistance with their personal care concerns.


Chore Services – People who are permanently or temporarily disabled may find that completing chores and regular house cleaning is too hard to do on their own. Working with a Hawaii-based chore service company is helpful for completing mundane tasks such as light laundry, vacuuming, dishes, meal preparation, basic housekeeping, dusting, and other small jobs around the house that have to get done to maintain a neat and tidy household.


Skilled Nursing Services – In situations where someone is making the transition home after being treated for a serious illness, a life-altering accident or a health emergency, hiring a skilled nurse to help as they continue their recovery and rehabilitation assure that they are well taken care of during this tough time. Experienced nurses in Hawaii are trained to assist in all aspects of the care of someone returning home or in an ongoing capacity if needed.


Respite Care – Respite care offers a convenient solution for primary caregivers to get a break from their duties and responsibilities for caring for a disabled loved one. Respite care is different in that this service runs for terms of thirty days in a row, essentially giving the person (or people) who are caring for the individual a month long break from their obligations. In most cases, this break is helpful for removing the stress that is common with being entrusted with the care of another person who is unable to take care of themselves.


Could you use a hand with taking care of yourself or someone else? If so, we are here to help with all of your In-Home disability care needs on all the islands of Hawaii. Contact us today to speak with a home health care specialist today!

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