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14th Oct


How Can I Find Help for Seniors?

There is no doubt that when you are responsible for the care of an aging loved one, you will quickly discover that your priorities in life have to shift. If you are having troubles keeping up with your obligations and you could use some help for seniors, you do not have to “go it alone.” In fact, you there are several options available to help you ease your burden.


Skilled Nursing Services


If your loved one is living at home and requires advanced care, hiring a skilled nursing service can help with with controlling infections, catheterization care, administering medications, wound care, respiratory treatments, IV treatments, seizure management, and other specialized nursing duties. This is helpful for any caregiver that is feeling overwhelmed or uncertain about providing critical care for their loved one. In some instances, the skilled nurse may offer instructions and guidance on how to do some of the basic care tasks for reference in the future.


Ongoing Chore Services


When you are caring for someone with limited or no ability to care for themselves, sometimes even the smallest break in your care routine is a big relief. If you find yourself weary at the end of the day, one way to lighten your load of responsibilities is by bringing in a chore service. By hiring someone else to vacuum the floors, dust the furniture, clean the bathroom and help with preparing meals, you are making your life a little bit easier. Instead of having to care for your loved one all day, then have to spend more time on your feet cleaning, you can take a rest and catch your breath.


Respite Care


Long-term caregivers that need a break from their duties have the option to use respite care services for some time off. Respite care services are normally used when a primary caregiver needs 30 days or more away from their responsibilities. Depending on the respite care service you are working with, there may be shorter periods of time available.


You Do Not Have to Do It Alone!


It is never easy to be a sole or primary caregiver for a loved one suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s Disease. You will find no shortage of help for seniors in Hawaii and throughout the United States. You do not have to bear the burden of caring for your loved one alone if you are willing to reach out to services that are in a position to help.

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