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9th Oct


How Adult Day Care Can Help Primary Caregivers

People who have been tasked with caring for a loved one that suffers from dementia or other health issues related to aging will find that adult day care services in Hawaii are very helpful. Dementia is a progressive disease. In the early stages of the disease, it is important that your loved one is not left alone.


Keep a Watchful Eye


The most important reason to consider an adult day care service is to keep a watchful eye on your loved one when you are unable to be there for them. Since dementia patients are prone to confusion and forgetting things, a caregiver is there for company and to keep a watchful eye on them. If your loved one tries to leave their home, a caregiver is there to go with them or prevent them from leaving without a cognizant companion.


Help with Personal Care Tasks


When an adult day care provider stays with your loved one, they are also there to help them with any personal care needs they have during their day. Routine things like going to the restroom or preparing a meal are more challenging for people who have been diagnosed with dementia or other age-related diseases. Having a care worker present assures that your loved one has a helping hand in the event they need one. If your loved one has to take medications, an adult care provider is there to make sure that they take their prescriptions throughout the day.


Provide Assistance with Basic Housekeeping


While the level of housekeeping help that an adult day care worker provides can vary, care workers will usually help with basic housekeeping chores. Light housekeeping chores that they may assist with include washing dishes, cooking, light vacuuming, tidying things up, light cleaning, and dusting.


Helping with Errands


In some cases, adult day care providers may help with running errands and providing limited transportation. They may help with grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions, take them to doctors appointments or just take them to the park to enjoy some time outdoors and get a breath of fresh air.


If you have been thinking about hiring an adult day care service to help you with caring for your loved one, this is a logical idea. This is especially the case when you have other obligations, like a full-time job or a family of your own.


Instead of having to worry about your loved one being left alone, you can go about your day confidently knowing your loved one is in good hands.

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