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18th Nov


Honolulu Alzheimer’s Care-The Early Stages

In the early stages of Alzheimer’s it is very common for a family member to take on the responsibility as caregiver of the parent or loved one requiring Hawaii Alzheimer’s care. Most of the time, the primary role is general support and providing caring companionship. Although, this can vary quite a bit as every situation is different and some may require more or less support.

In the beginning stages, the loved one will need help with remembering things, such as important appointments, names, taking medication regularly and how to do certain tasks. You do not want to do everything for them, it is best to be there to help them remember how to do things and let them carry out the task. Keeping the mind challenged and active is important in slowing the progressive nature of the disease as much as possible, even if it the slowdown in progression is temporary. Remember, much of dealing with Hawaii Alzheimer’s care is about preserving quality of life for as long as possible.

You can help support the loved one by being organized and creating detailed notes about appointments, medication schedules and other important items. It may be a good idea to even put all of it into a calendar so you can combine important details and allow them a reference for dates. This will help them to maintain some level of independence but still give them the needed support.

It will be an emotional time for both you and your loved one affected by Alzheimer’s. Administering Honolulu Alzheimer’s care is a difficult job and not everyone has the patience to do it over a long period. Educating yourself on the disease is crucial and realizing that there will be some good days, but also bad ones, is vital to keeping a positive outlook. Readjusting expectations from a “solution based viewpoint” to a “maintaining quality of life” viewpoint is key.

There may not be a cure for Alzheimer’s but you can make a tremendous difference in your loved one’s life by being there to support, care for and love them every step of the way. It may also be helpful to look up some local Honolulu Alzheimer’s care support groups in your area. Realizing you are not alone and having people that are in similar situations to talk with and share your feelings can be a great comfort.

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