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10th Feb


Helping a Loved One Transition to Assisted Living the Stress-Free Way

It’s important that you offer your full support to loved ones if they’ve decided to move to assisted living. Even when all parties involved are in complete agreement, this transitional period is a stressful one for many people. The following tips will help you make the move as stress-free as possible:


Give Your Loved One Time to Adjust in Their Own Way


Moving to assisted living is a big transition for anyone to go through. Don’t make the mistake of attempting to minimize your loved one’s emotions. If they feel a sense of grieving and loss, commiserate with them without judgment. Avoid the tendency to act overly positive when they’re probably just not in the mood to deal with that idea yet. With time, their attitude will adjust accordingly. Be patient and supportive every step of the way.


Stay in Close Touch


Staying in touch with your loved one is the best way to help get them used to their new surroundings. Stop by and visit in person as often as you can realistically. Having their loved ones dropping by for a visit will warm their hearts rapidly! You may find your love one begins to adjust rapidly if you’re a regular visitor. If you don’t live close by, email, text messages, and voice phone calls are a great way of staying in touch.


Serve as a Sounding Board for Your Loved One’s Concerns


You need to be an advocate for your loved one. They will provide you with feedback about their assisted living experience. If they ask for your help with resolving issues, you should give it to them. Some family members tend to think that their loved ones are just complaining as a general course of action. However, their complaints are worth taking seriously.


Help Make Their New Living Space More Like Home


When your loved one first moves into their new living space, it’s not going to feel very much like home. If you help them personalize things as much as possible they’ll warm up fast to their new surroundings. They should definitely bring as many of their most meaningful personal possessions from their old place as they want. Just help them with what they want. They’ll have a good idea about bringing items they feel are essential.


With a trusted person helping them through the process, your loved one will easily transition to a successful assisted living experience. Stay confident throughout the process and help them in any way you can for the best results.




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