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18th Nov


Hawaii Alzheimer’s Care-What Level of Care Do I Need?

Dealing with a loved one or parent that has Alzheimer’s is a very difficult situation and brings difficult decisions. The changes begin slowly at first, but as times passes, you can be faced with decisions much faster that you had originally planned. Obviously, finances are always a concern; however, you also want to ensure you choose the proper level of Hawaii Alzheimer’s care. At the start, it may have been fine to have a family member care for the loved one but you will eventually need the help of professionals to handle the situation properly.

Honolulu Senior Assisted Living

Assisted living can be a viable option for those looking for appropriate Honolulu Alzheimer’s care. These facilities typically offer help with housekeeping chores, assist with personal care, daily living activities support, meals and transportation services. The loved one is still able to maintain a minimum level of independence but still have the support needed to ensure safety and comfort. Maintaining some level of independence can sometimes help slow the deterioration of health temporarily.

Skilled Nursing Care

Many Hawaii Alzheimer’s care facilities offer skilled nursing services. Skilled nursing is needed once the loved one reaches a point that 24-hour care from licensed medical professionals is required. This level of care is more expensive than others but many times, it is unavoidable due to the health of the loved one and the advanced state of their Alzheimer’s. There are Honolulu Alzheimer’s care facilities that offer skilled nursing and assisted living options within the same facility.

Hawaii Alzheimer’s Care and Hospice Care

Hospice care is available for Alzheimer’s patients that are in the advanced periods of the disease. A hospice care facility’s goal is to provide as much comfort as possible to the patient and render skilled nursing services. This option is only available if approved by a doctor and the patient has a very limited amount of time left to live. This is always a last resort for Honolulu Alzheimer’s care but many times necessary.

Choosing the right solution for the situation is important in dealing with your loved one’s condition appropriately. Not only do you want to make sure they get the proper care but also they are as comfortable as possible for as long as possible. It is not a pleasant situation to deal with but it is much better to plan, instead of being forced into making a fast decision without enough time to fully consider all of the factors involved.

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