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15th Jun


Dealing with Problems at the Assisted Living

Any time you have a large group of people living in close proximity and trying to coexist, there are bound to be issues. This can be especially true at assisted living facilities, but not because the facility is doing anything wrong. Many times, it is simply natural to have a certain amount of friction, given the circumstances. Seniors living in assisted living facilities have had most of their control taken away, have had to adjust to major changes and are trying to cope with a completely new way of living.


This can understandably make them act out in different ways, and some of those ways are not very pleasant. However, issues in Honolulu senior assisted living communities can include various types of problems.


Common Issues in Honolulu Senior Assisted Living Facilities


Arguments and Problems with Another Resident


Even under normal circumstances, not everyone is going to get along all of the time. These situations can be a bit tricky, but this is a great time to make your senior take control and do some problem solving. Be supportive and help them talk through the issue without being too forceful or telling them what to do.


Many times if you simply support the problem solving process and push them in the right direction, they will find a solution for themselves. If the issue is anything but very minor, be sure to make staff members aware of the situation, so they can keep an eye on it as well.




Boredom can be an issue if you are not constantly supporting and helping your senior stay active. Always keep an active list of new ideas for activities, books or other things that will keep your loved one stimulated. Slipping into a state of boredom can bring on depression and can have various negative consequences.


Problems with a Staff Member


Personalities sometimes just do not mix well, even if no one has actually done anything wrong. If your loved one has a problem with a certain staff member, do not be afraid to talk to the staff member about it and get their side of things. Chances are this won’t be the first time they have dealt with a situation like this.


There is no need to be accusatory or to place blame; the key here is to work with the staff and supervisors to find a solution that provides a nice environment for your loved one and for the staff members. If the problem persists over a long period, contact the Honolulu senior assisted living facility manager and schedule a meeting to see if a solution can be found.

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