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16th Sep


Assisted Living Floor Plans Make Life Easier for the Elderly

There are many reasons older people should consider the convenience that assisted living communities offer them. The first reason these communities are a smart solution for the elderly is because of the assisted living floor plans that are used throughout the community.


Single Story Floor Plans are Common


If you are thinking about moving into a retirement community, you are likely to find many single-story assisted living floor plans. In many cases, these are presented as studio style apartments or one-bedroom units. Depending on the community that you are considering, two-bedroom units may also be available.


Since many older people struggle with joint pain and arthritis a single-story floor plan eliminates stairs and steps that may limit the residents mobility within the home. Further, single-story floor plans help prevent trips and falls that can result from misjudging the number of steps or the depth of them.


For people who are living with disabilities or physical handicaps, single story housing gives them access to all parts of their home without limitations.


Kitchens and Kitchenettes


Many assisted living apartments feature either a full kitchen or kitchenette, so residents have the ability to prepare their own meals in the comfort of their apartment.


For residents that enjoy cooking their own meals, this helps them feel comfortable while maintaining a large part of their independence.


Alternatively, potential residents can opt for a unit that does not have a kitchen area if they are going to have meals provided from the community kitchen or cafeteria.


Customized Bathrooms


In many cases, assisted living floor plans offer residents customized bathrooms that are equipped with features such as walk-in bathtubs.


Walk-in bathtubs are a safer alternative to traditional style bathtubs in the fact that people do not have to take a large step over the side to get in and out. These tubs tend to be deeper and more comfortable than regular tubs that require people to lower themselves to nearly ground level to use it.


Instead, walk-in tubs feature an entry door that makes a tight seal when the tub door is closed and filled.


Jetted walk-in bathtubs offer residents further therapeutic benefits and can be helpful for residents that live with joint pain or inflammation and pain that is caused by arthritis.


Safety Features


Safety features such as a fire and medical emergency alert system are installed in every unit to help assure the safety of all residents. In the event of a medical emergency, this alert system notifies nurses or doctors that are on staff the resident needs medical help.


If you are able to invest some time investigating all of the different assisted living options that are available, you are sure to find a floor plan that suits you and your lifestyle!

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