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22nd May


Anger Management Therapy for Dementia Patients

When older people develop dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease, it is not uncommon for them to have problems controlling their emotions, particularly their anger. Depending on the severity of their condition and the treatment program they are receiving, these emotional outbursts may or may not be warranted.

For older people who are getting care outside of the home, such as at a nursing home or an adult day care center may be provoked by conflicts with other people or by something as simple as being served food items that they don’t care for or like.

Signs that your loved one could be having troubles with anger or frustration can manifest in some different ways, especially if their ability to communicate is affected. If they are unable to tell you exactly what is wrong with their meal, they may instead refuse to eat or throw the meal on the ground.

In-Home Dementia Health Care services are helping to avert these outbursts because the health care providers offer the dementia patient a way to get the help they need in the privacy of their home. By working with the patient, they come to know what could be bothering them their consistent activities and interactions with the client. As you can imagine, by knowing and understanding the motives of your loved one, you are in a much better position to provide for them without running into unneeded conflict within the home.

Another direct benefit of getting dementia health care in their Hawaii home is that the patient isn’t forced to have to deal with people they don’t know in a setting that isn’t familiar to them. By removing the need to address strangers, who likely suffer from the same type of health problems and issues they have, you’re providing a stable and comfortable environment where outbursts are likely to occur, which is better for everyone involved.

If you start to notice that outbursts of anger are happening on a more frequent basis, it is always a smart idea to consult with the physician who provides primary care to your loved one. He or she can assess the situation and offer advice and guidance on what steps should be taken next to address their condition. Once this plan gets established, professional and skilled Hawaii In-Home Healthcare providers offer the help you need to implement the plan while providing top-notch care on a day-to-day, as necessary or on a respite care basis.

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