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9th Jan


Alzheimer’s or Dementia?

Alzheimer’s and Dementia may sometimes be confused, as there are some similarities between the two diseases. However, if you are dealing with a family member with one of these afflictions, then it is important you are educated and understand the specifics of the disease you are trying to manage. Perhaps this is a recent problem and you are wondering about Alzheimer’s care in Hawaii?


What’s The Difference?


There are many unknowns about both of these diseases, which is why they might be confused. Dementia affects a person’s ability to perform normal daily functions like dressing, eating and the like. It centers around negative effects on the brain in areas of communication and daily functions.


Alzheimer’s is actually a form of Dementia and deteriorates the sections of the brain that are responsible for the thought process, short and long-term memory, as well as language.




Dementia is a broad term that covers an entire set of symptoms. Some common forms of Dementia include Huntington’s, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. Each one brings its own set of challenges and conditions. If this disease is affecting your family, it is important to seek out quality advice and high quality dementia care in Hawaii.




In many cases, Alzheimer’s can be the cause of Dementia. Actually, several studies show it may be as much as fifty to seventy percent. Alzheimer’s is a very specific type of Dementia and is diagnosed with several different tests such as a mental evaluation, scans of the brain, blood tests and a host of others.


How Do They Differ?


A patient diagnosed as having Dementia has a particular set of symptoms, much similar to a person with a runny nose. A cold, flu, or other type of sickness may cause the runny nose. A person diagnosed with Dementia, the cause may not be immediately known. In fact, there are some cases of Dementia that are possible to reverse or even cure if the cause is an allergic reaction to medication or even a lack of vitamins.


If you think you may need Alzheimer’s or Dementia care in Hawaii, it is important to understand the exact disease you are dealing with. Additionally, you want to ensure your loved one has been properly diagnosed and the exact cause of the disease has been identified. Once you are certain what disease you are battling and what the root cause is, then you can properly seek out professionals to assist you.

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