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3rd Jul


Alleviate Some of the Stress of Being a Part of the Sandwich Generation

The chances are good that you know who is considered to be a part of the Baby Boomer generation, the Gen Xers, and even Millennials. But one generation that you may not be familiar with the term Sandwich Generation.

The Sandwich Generation is unique in that it isn’t particular to the era in which the person was born in; rather it includes anyone who is responsible for providing care to aging parents while also supporting growing children at home. The term “Sandwich” is fitting because these individuals are figuratively ‘stuck’ in the middle of two generations that both require significant time and financial resources to make the arrangement work.

As you can imagine, being in this situation is one that’s likely to take a toll on anyone who must care and provide for two distinct sets of family members. It doesn’t take long for people in this position to feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities, causing stress, tension, and in some cases, depression.

If you or someone you know in Hawaii has become part of the Sandwich Generation, there is comfort in knowing that you can get help to alleviate the stress and demands of caring for an aged parent. Hawaii In-Home Health Care Providers are skilled aids that are available to help with providing compassionate comfort and attention your loved one needs.

Here are a few options for the Sandwich Generation to consider in the care management plan of an aging loved one.

Respite Care – Respite care is a viable option for anyone in Hawaii who needs an extended break from the responsibilities of caring for their aging loved one. Respite care commonly is scheduled in increments of 30 consecutive days, giving family members who serve as primary caregivers the opportunity to de-stress, take care of personal business, or focus on other important aspects of their life.

Skilled Nursing – If your loved one requires more advanced care than you’re capable of providing yourself, Hawaii Skilled Nursing services offer a viable solution to helping with your In-Home Health Care needs. Tasks they can help with include Catheterization, Infection Control, Inhalation Treatments, Medication Management and Administration. Other areas they specialize include Ostomy Care, Oxygen Therapy and Aerosolized Treatments, Seizure Management, Suctioning, Tube Feeding and Management, IV Management, and Wound Care that requires Sterile Procedures.

If you need to lighten the load of your care responsibilities, Contact Us to speak with a Hawaii-based In-Home Care Specialist today!

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