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15th Apr


Activities Help Engage The Minds Of Those Suffering From Dementia

When a loved one has been diagnosed with dementia it is essential to remember that keeping their mind and body as active as possible improves their overall quality of life. One of the benefits of living in a Senior Assisted Living facility in Hawaii is that the staff and faculty members strive to provide residents with activities that help keep their minds and bodies active. It is also helpful that other residents live there, so they have company built in.


In the event that your loved one has not made the transition to a Hawaii-based senior care living facility, here are some ideas for caregivers to help keep them active and engaged.


Routines – There is nothing more comforting to people as routines, especially in the early stages of dementia. If possible, try to establish a routine that your loved one can follow. This could be as simple as waking up or going to bed at the same time every day, eating meals at set times, and being involved in doing things they enjoy, whether it’s spending time in the garden or listening to uplifting music.


Participation In Favorite Activities – In the early stages of a dementia, it is still possible for your loved one to participate in some of the activities they love. Activities such as gardening, crafts, playing cards, or visiting with friends helps brighten their mood and makes them feel more productive. By feeling productive, this can also help alleviate depression or negative feelings of self-worth. Regular exercise is also helpful for keeping your loved one feeling good. A walk, even if it is a short one, is always an excellent way to get some fresh air, increase circulation, and battle muscle weakness and atrophy.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities of being a Primary Care Giver or you need help caring for your loved one in Hawaii, you can take comfort in the fact that you are not alone.

Support groups, and services like Home Health Care, and Chore Services provide a helping hand when you are struggling with your responsibilities. Support groups are helpful for sharing information and experiences with other people who are in a similar situation as yourself.

Home Health Care and Chore Services by Alohahab helps with completing tasks such as basic housekeeping or providing medical care. Every little bit of help comes in handy, especially if you are trying to manage other aspects of your life, such as your family or career.







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