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26th Sep


A Guide to Choosing a Hawaii Alzheimer’s Care Facility

Many families with loved ones who suffer from dementia choose to move them into a Hawaii Alzheimer’s care facility as their condition progresses to a stage where specialized care is required. This is because people with dementia often have to deal with a wide variety of challenges and conditions that make it difficult and increasingly risky to remain in their homes.

Choosing a reputable and reliable Hawaii Alzheimer’s care facility helps patients preserve their dignity and provide access to professional care that is geared towards promoting independence and improving the quality of life. However, finding the right Hawaii Alzheimer’s care facility can be quite difficult. Here are a few things you might want to keep in mind while you are considering your options:

Explore Options Available

When it comes to Hawaii Alzheimer’s care facilities and Honolulu Alzheimer’s care homes, you can choose between respite care and residential care. The specific type of facility will largely depend on the patient’s general health and the level of care required. This is because each case of dementia is considered unique and for some patients additional health issues need to be taken into account, like the risk of stroke.

Respite Care

Respite care generally comes with two options, in-home care and adult day care services. The first one offers a range of services including companionship, personal care and household help. However, if you want to ensure your loved one continues to interact with people, an adult day service is typically provided by a facility or a community center. A number of staff-led activities are typically conducted all throughout the day including dance programs, support groups, games and musical activities.

Residential Care

While it may be difficult to make the decision to relocate a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease into a Hawaii Alzheimer’s care home, often it is the only option to ensure he/she receives the best level of care possible. Assisted living and nursing homes are among the popular choices that come with a combination of health care services and personalized assistance. A good Honolulu Alzheimer’s care facility will be able to address a wide variety of needs including care planning, spirituality, recreational activities, medical care and nutrition.

Major Considerations

When choosing a Honolulu Alzheimer’s care provider, consider how much care the person needs. In most cases, during the early stages, people with dementia are still capable of living independently. However, during middle stages close supervision will be required, while late stages will need round-the-clock care.


Here are the key aspects you need to consider:

Safety. Will the patient need supervision when engaging in certain activities such as eating and personal hygiene? Will he/she need 24-hour care?

Health. Aside from dementia, does the person have other health conditions that may require specialized care? Does he/she need assistance with medications?

Care. As time passes, will the person need an increasingly higher level of care than what he/she is receiving at the moment? Will you be able to provide and physically manage the care required?

Social Engagement. Does the person have opportunities to engage in meaningful activities that include interacting with other people and physical exercise?

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