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15th Jan


5 Factors When You Are Dealing with Senior Assisted Living for the First Time (part 1)

Getting older and slowing down is just a fact of life, it will happen to all of us at some point. Along with “slowing down,” comes a time when it becomes challenging just to complete the basic activities of functioning on a daily basis.


Realizing a Decision Must Be Made


Cooking, eating, bathing and dressing can all become just a bit too overwhelming in the later years in life. While the decline in the ability to handle basic needs is typically slow, if you are close to the family member who is starting to have problems, it can all seem very sudden.


Thankfully, the options for quality senior assisted living greatly increased over the last couple of decades. There is now a wide range of options including a long list of optional services, support and price ranges based upon your individual needs. It is important to take things slow when you are investigating the options for assisted living.


Making the decision to place a loved one in an assisted living community is a very important step. It will largely determine their quality of life, help maintain their health, prevent accidents and control costs.


Things to Think About


What are the most important things or activities in your loved one’s life?


Before you decide which facility is best for your loved one, think about the things they do that make life really enjoyable. Will they still be able to participate in these activities at the assisted living facility? Do your best to find a community that allows your loved one to continue with their important activities.


Where is the assisted living community located?


This seems like a relatively obvious factor to consider. However, some do not really think about the location seriously enough. A 25-minute drive may not seem like a big deal now, but have you thought about how realistic it will be when you are tired from a long day at work? 25 minutes each way, will mean adding an hour onto your day a few times a week.


Additionally, it will mean you cannot just “pop over” in 5 minutes to drop something off or check in with the staff. Even short distances become a much larger issue over time, and when you are trying to keep up with your own life. Give some serious thought to the location of the facility.

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